October 11, 2012

An Unwanted BUT Needed Break

I've been circling around this idea and didn't want to do it.  But I need to for now. It has been a long time coming but I've been procrastinating it pretty much all summer.  This past year has been hectic and crazy and I've still been trying to manage organizing and catching up on things and have only been mildly successful.

I haven't been able to blog like I want and it isn't for lack of interest in doing so.  Mostly lack of time.  Lack of time to do anything creative, lack of time to snap enough pictures to capture special moments, lack of time to visit other blogs and to put together as good of posts as I would like.  I can blame it on my crazy horomones which have shown their ugly face these past few months, or all the craziness that happens around me, or just my inability to better time manage.  Whatever it is I need to figure it out and refocus.  I'm not saying this is a year long or even 6 month long break.  Just a short break to in a way regroup until I can better focus and get my act together so to speak. 

This is one of D Family's ultimate favorite times of the year, aka the months that end in ber lol, with the holidays approaching and I just want to spend as much time with my men, family, and enjoying the season.  Of course with it being the most exciting time of the year, I do want to share those fun special holiday memories, crafts, baking, shopping sprees, parties, you name it with all of you.  But in an effort to create better posts without stressing out about time, I'm going to take a slight break from the blogging world.  I will check in on your blogs from time to time and maybe make a post once in a while.  I'm just eliminating any stress about doing so.  And I don't want to post unless I feel like it's a good one. 

I don't know if this will just be a month, 2, or 3 but I plan to be back before the New Year.  I just know I need to regroup.  I have always been into crafts, prims, and decorating.  I've just not had the time or energy to do much of anything in a very long time.  I'd like to incorporate more of that into my blog as well. 

I hope you wonderful ladies whom I have met in this great blog world will understand.  I can't wait until I really come back and get to see what all everyone's been up to.  I hope you all have some great times and memories in these next few months.  Remember to make time to enjoy the holidays with those special people in your life :)

October 8, 2012

Autumn Off The Green

D Family had a great weekend and I hope everyone else did too!

Every year on the first Sunday in October, our town hosts a fall Octoberfest type of event called Autumn on the Green.  Well currently, there's a lot of road work and landscaping work going on where the green is.  So it was hosted on the town's school grounds to which the nickname Autumn off the Green was made up.  Either next year or the year after it should be back where it belongs. 

It was a chilly day yesterday, but there were still a good amount of vendors and visitors.  This is just a view of one strip of tents.  At the end of this strip to the right were more and a ton more down the hill at the end.

Noah seemed to have a good time and was all bundled up with his monster hat.  He was such a good boy!  Hubby and I love to get some delicious food at these types of things.  We also got some Vermont made fresh apple cider...YUM!

Since Noah is an animal lover, he loved these Alpacas.  He was talking to them in his baby voice which usually has the most understandable words being dad and dat (that).

While I always enjoy all of the homemade crafts.  I just LOVED these chairs which I called rag chairs.  The lady made them out of any leftover material she had.  I thought these were amazing and she had them in all styles and colors.  I even tested it out and sat in it and it was very study.  These were definitely my favorite item I saw there.

Now it's back to work for me.  I hope everyone has a great rest of the day and week!

October 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me! :)

Yesterday was mine and Andy's Anniversary.  These are what he had waiting on the counter for me for when I came home!  He's such a sweetie :)

October 1, 2012

Harvest Gatherings Swap!

I was recently in an extremely fun swap which was hosted by Amy from Bumble Bee Lane.  My partner was Cindi from Cindi's Primitive Country Corner.  I have to appoligize because I'm a little late on my posting. 

She spoiled me so so much!  Here's a peak at what she got me below!
A candle mat with pumpkins and flowers and 2 AMAZINGLY smelling candles!  I've already starting burning my candles and I have to say they make the house smell heavenly!  She also got me a twig pumpkin which is so cute, a sunflower wall plaque, and can I just express how ridiculously cute those 2 turkey sitters are? :)  A box with paper which will be perfect for writing our grocery list.  Right now we write everything down on the chalkboard or dry erase board and take a picture of it with our phone to take to the store with us...I know lame lol.  And finally...
This adorable scarecrow couple!  Andy knew exactly when I opened these two because I believe I made the most joyous noise.  I bought some scratch tickets earlier that day and he thought I'd hit the lottery jackpot lol.  Maybe not the lottery but definitely the fall jackpot!  Thanks so much Cindi for the gifts and Amy for this swap. Everything is just WONDERFUL and has quickly found their fall homes already! :)