June 27, 2012


I must admit that D Family has been very anticlimatic lately.  Mostly we have been working on Noah crawling, standing, enjoying his new found favorite word "dadadada dadada" which is yelled at operatic levels, while AnDy and I enjoy any time we can find in the midst of our busy opposite schedules.  Besides these tasks, the most exciting thing hs been to witness Noah learning to self feed.  It started out that by the time snack time was over, those little baby puffs would end up stuck all over his face, hands, arms, legs, and the rest of his tiny body.  He finally learned to grab handfuls of puffs in each palm and them proceeds to pinch another individual puff between his fingers before shoveling it into his mouth.  At the end of his treat, the puffs held tight in his tiny palms end up being nothing but mush.  So at the current rate about 20% of the puffs actually end up in his mouth with the remaining 80% being split between being smashed in his hands, on the floor, and stuck to various body parts.  I can't help but love this process of self feeding he's learning, it's quite cute and entertaining! : )

On a side note, I can't believe it's already the end of June!  Noah seems to be loving summer and all things a part of it (including watermelon, swimming, and being naked when it gets really hot).

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

June 18, 2012

Great Weekend!

D Family had a GREAT weekend!
First on Friday our little man turned 9 months!  I can't believe this little guy is already three quarters of a year old!  I'm already starting to get ideas for his 1st birthday and I'm excited because I believe it's going to be a fun theme!

Saturday, we went to some very close friends of ours wedding.  It was such a nice wedding and I loved how the bride came in by horse and carriage : )

She looked gorgeous!

And he was a pretty happy and handsome groom!

Noah got all dressed up for the occasion complete with plaid shorts and a bow tie and suspender print shirt :)

And Noah and I enjoyed our first time dancing in the mother/son dance with all of the other mom's and their boys! 

Finally on Sunday we celebrated Father's Day.  Andy is such a great daddy and I don't know if there's a daddy who's more in love with their little buddy as much as him!

Noah and mommy made daddy a nice breakfast which Andy picked out, blueberry pancakes (with fresh blueberries!) and corn beef hash.  Afterwords, Noah loved playing with daddy and telling him lots of stories : )  We eventually made it to a beach for a while and finally to Andy's parents for a cookout.  I know Father's Day was all about Andy and daddies everywhere.  But I sure felt more than blessed to spend a great weekend with my two favorite boys : )

June 13, 2012

Happy Hump Day and Swap!

Happy Hump Day everyone!  I first want to thank you all for being supportive of the minor changes that have started and that I hope will continue.  Not only is the change needed but I really am starting to think I'm a person who thrives on change.

Recently I participated in another swap, Bee Happy Swap, hosted by Amy of Bumble Bee Lane.  Once again I had a great time and received some fantastic goodies!  My swap partner was Kim from BlackBerry Crows Prims and these are the goodies she sent to me.  A lovely flower dish towel, a primmed up spoon with some gingham fabric, a cute little star ( I love stars).  She also sent that perfect doll in the flower dress with the nest and egg.  Lastly, she sent that prim perfect bee hive door hanger with a bumble bee and crow!  I LOVE it all, thanks so much! 

I hope everyone enjoys their hump day and has a good rest of the week! : )

June 8, 2012


I've kind of been MIA for a while.  Partly just trying to enjoy the nice weather and the other part being busy with all things that aren't so interesting. 

Lately there have been quite a few minor changes, which are for the better, that can make a pretty significant impact for D family.  Things were just not where we as a family wanted them and frankly put the same expression on my face as Noah gets when I give him peaches.  We're still not exactly where I hope to one day be, but we are definitely moving in a positive direction which gives me new hope for the future.  Whenever I'm in need of some change and it seems everything wants to stay put and not budge, I tend to get very discouraged very fast.  I guess that's pretty typical for type A personality who wants what they want right now! 
Anyhow, I'm very happy with these current changes and they put a brand new smile upon my face : )

DESIRED CHANGE #1 - To be a stay at home mom or to have a job I can actually tolerate.  Currently I pretty much despise my job.  Not the, "Oh I don't feel like working today." but the complete dread and hatred for the job.  I know I'm lucky to have a job and I thank God for that everyday.  I'm just wanting something a little more directed at what I would like to do.  Right now it's difficult to leave my family to go to a job I hate.  Even though being a stay at home mom is far from reach, a job I enjoy more would make leaving my family everyday slightly less of an emotional dissatisfaction.
    ACTUAL/CURRENT CHANGE - Well I'm by no means a stay at home mom and I'm still at the job I dislike beyond imagination.  I did, however, bid or apply for a different job within the same company but in a different department.  If I get it I will be in a lower position than I am now, but I don't care about a title.  It still isn't where I see myself in the future but it would be much better than where I'm at currently. 

DESIRED CHANGE #2 - Spend more time with Andy by Andy finding a new job with a matching work schedule as myself.  Andy and I have less than desirable schedules.  I work the typical 8-5 Monday through Friday and he works 1-8:30 Tuesday through Saturday.   Which leaves us only a full Sunday to do anything as a family together.  Sundays usually end up being the day we spend with the rest of my hubby's family and a day where we get things done which haven't been able to get done during the week.  Needless to say, it's not an easy thing to manage when you have completely different schedules than your spouse. 
    ACTUAL/CURRENT CHANGE - Well Andy has yet to find a new job.  He has, however, managed to get an extra day off a week, Saturday, which gives us a whole weekend to spend together.  I can't tell you  how happy that makes me : )

DESIRED CHANGE #3 - Get Noah exposed to new people and other babies his age and give Andy's mom a little break since the rest of the kids are out of school for the summer.  The intent was to get him into a good daycare at least part of the time to be exposed to new people and kids while lessening the amount of time Andy's family had to watch him. 
    ACTUAL/CURRENT CHANGE - We did find a good daycare for Noah and he is now starting to go every Tuesday.  This will give Andy a full morning to get some stuff, such as mowing, done and give Andy's mom a break.  His first day they said he did great and was very sociable!

DESIRED CHANGE #4 - Take more time out as a family and go on vacations.  The last vacation I went on with Andy was our honeymoon.  Usually our vacations are to go visit my family in Ohio.  I love these trips but they tend to be so hectic with visiting everyone that Andy and I get very little relaxing time together.
    ACTUAL/CURRENT CHANGE - We have decided to skip our usual 2nd trip to Ohio and decided to instead take an extended weekend trip to Maine later in the summer.  I can't wait to take Noah to the beach!

There are other things I guess I would like to change but I think everyone has at least some things that they may want different at one point or another.  These were my BIG changes which were very important to me.  I've felt stuck in a rut for a while and now with some progress I'm feeling slightly lighter and happier! : )