March 3, 2012

Baby When the Lights Go Out!

One of my favorite things is when the power goes out and I have to light candles all over the house.  I know that might sound strange.  Maybe it's the same thing that causes me to enjoy bumping around in the dark looking for ghosts.  Something about creepy darkness and candle light that gets my adrenaline going!  All of Danville lost power for about an hour or so and I lit a bunch of candles and made the house look like a seance was about to happen lol.  Too bad the power is back on but I did enjoy my hour of creepiness!

Home Tour : Kichen

Here's the kitchen.  This was probably the first room completely unpacked and done but I've just been waiting to take pics until it was clean and not filled with dirty dishes.

This house as built in the late 1800s and was recently completely remodeled.  This is the original sink and I just LOVE it!