All About D Family

This is hubby (AnDy) and I on one of the most special days of our lives.  We were married October 2,2010 in the gorgeous Northeast Kingdom in Danville Vermont.  The day I married my best friend!

Andy is an AMAZING cook at a restaurant called "The Creamery" in Danville VT and has worked there ever since he was in high school.  Besides being a ghost hunter (like myself), Boston Red Sox and Patriots fan, huge movie buff, (and I mean HUGE!) he's probably the most entertaining person I know and the first person who has NEVER failed to make me laugh.  I have to say that that is no small task!

This is our son Noah aka Baby D :)  I have to put a corny little smile next to that because he's just so darn cute and ADORABLE...what mother doesn't say that about her kids though?  He may not be that old yet but he's got such a large personality already!  He's definitely the apple of our eyes!

Finally there's me who's just a normal full time working mom and wife.  I love spending time with my family, friends, ghost hunting, and all things country primitive.  Trying to balance work, family, being a new mom, and adjusting my life from a flatlander Ohioan to a Vermonter in the mountains.