May 25, 2012

All About Noah

Lately things have been heavily focused on our dear precious baby D.  

Although it started even before he was born, he continues to take over parts of the house.  Slowly he's taking over more and more areas of the house.  I appoligize for the quality of some of the pictures as they were taken with my phone.

This first distorted picture is of Noah taking over, you guessed it, my side of the bed.  No he doesn't sleep in it all night or anything, he sleeps in his crib, which is still currently in our room.  He wakes up pretty early in the morning a little bit before I have to get up for work.  I just LOVE snuggling with the little guy and need to get my cuddle time before work.  But since he's getting so big, the cuddling with him on my chest just doesn't work because I feel like I can barely breathe.  My solution is to give him my side of the bed and curl up next to him.  He loves it!  But I will NOT let this turn into a family bed situation.  I need my own space to sleep in lol.  But this fun snuggle time is such a wonderful thing to start my day = )

Also not only does his play yard, piano, and toys take over the living room, but his jumper is smack dab in the middle of the walk through from the pellet stove room into the living room.  This is hooked up on the frame where I use to have my wooden village set ,which Andy's aunt gave us as a wedding present. 

So now they are spread out over 2 windows in the living room.  I have to say, I think I like them better there!

This growing boy use to only take up one whole set of cabinet space in the kitchen but now it's 2. 
 The bottom shelf is a little bare in the back but I have a TON of bottles to put away that were just washed.  I'm pretty sure that as he grows and starts to have older baby/toddler snack, these too will need to find a home.  This may require yet another cabinet space.

Speaking of baby food, I just tried introducing stage 3 food to Noah the other day.  I still don't think he's forgiven me for it lol.  As soon as the food hit his tongue he started fake coughing (as if he was choking) and screaming and crying.  I could clearly see he wasn't choking as I only gave him a tiny bit of food and it was still on his tongue.  He can be one dramatic little boy.  I am however sensing some texture issues.  I will wait a couple weeks and try again.  Maybe the next time he won't take his spoon and fling food at me in retaliation!

With summer approaching, Noah is going to be having lots of new adventures.  Starting tomorrow when I fill up his baby blow up pool so we can splash around and maybe have a picnic.  He loves bath time so he will probably LOVE this!  I can't wait!

The biggest adventure will start June 5th.  The hubby and I have decided to give his mom a break from taking care of Noah for every Tuesday.  This may be very much appreciated since hubby's 4 younger siblings will be off for summer break and will be home full time.  Where he's going for that 1 day of the week is something we've thought about for a while.  We have decided that it might be a good idea for Noah to go to a daycare to be with other babies his age.  This will be good socialization and will help him as he gets older to learn to listen to and respect his elders who aren't necessarily family.  I will keep you posted on how that goes. 

Yes, Noah has completely taken over our lives, heart, and home and we wouldn't have it any other way = )