May 8, 2012

Half Finished Projects

Wow it's been a week since I've posted!  Time sure flies when you're...doing nothing lol.  Well ok I haven't been doing nothing.  I've been working on little things, spending time with my family, and working.  But when I look around, I see nothing but half finished projects.  I feel like I've been busy but with the tons of things that are left unfinished around me it sure feels like nothing.  I'm seriously ADD when it comes to working on things.  I start working on something and then it makes me think, "Oh I would love to do that" so then I leave the current project to finish later.  And then that pattern just seems to repeat itself.  Well here's some things that are half finished that I'm determined to finish soon.  Oh and this doesn't even get into our room which still needs stuff done, the bay window, the spare room, or the dining room.  I won't even mention yard work lol.

I started making these pillows for the dining room.  I honestly don't know where they are going and what I'm going to do with them yet.  I just had some extra fabric that worked great for americana and thought, gee this would be great for the dining room!  It's kinda hard to tell but I did very light tea staining on them.

Then there's the blanket I've been making for my niece.  I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of myself for how far along I have come.  All of my previous crochet projects are still about a fifth of the way done and probably will stay that way.  I've at least got through the multicolor part and started back on the purple, yay me :)

And then there's this....gardening.  I can say I definitely do NOT have a green thumb.  I tend to kill most plants and for some odd reason decided to try and grow some veggies.  Some of my seeds are starting to sprout and some probably never will.  I put them in the bay window in our room because the best light comes in through there.  That's ok, whatever hasn't come through I will just go buy some seedlings from the store.  At least my tomatoes and squash are looking promising!

These seedlings are going to end up in my earth boxes.  I've heard these things are great and I should have good luck with them.  I hope so. I hope my black thumb doesn't ruin yet another gardening project.  Thinking positive, thinking positive!

So that's kinda what I've been up to as far as projects go right now.  Nothing spectacular and as you can see, nothing finished hehe.  That's ok, I'm enjoying some nicer weather and spending as much free time with my 2 favorite men.  I mean, what other cutie can wear their pants on their head and look so darn adorable? :)