February 28, 2012

Andy's Chicken Dinner

Last night Andy made me such a delicious dinner.  Being that he's a sous chef, many think I eat like a queen all of the time.  That is far from the truth.  He's at work Tuesday through Saturday until late which means I eat dinner alone and I eat whatever I manage to put together.  On the days he's off, the last thing I want to make him do is something he already does for 8 hours straight five days a week.  So I usually put something together for dinner when we can actually sit down together to eat.   
I am very far from the cooking level as a sous chef.  So when Andy does get a chance to make something, it's very special.  Last night he made his version of chicken scampi.  I just learned that scampi actually is the name of a small kind of lobster.  This dish, however, had no lobster.

I told Andy that if he cooked like this for me all of the time that I would end up as large as a whale.  I devoured this.  No correction, I inhaled this.  It was SO good!