March 22, 2012

Chair Tastic Find and Negotiating!

It's definitely been a busy busy week for me and it isn't slowing yet.  Tomorrow will also be jam packed and then it's the weekend. Yay!  That's why today I decided to take a nice breather at lunch and catch some good old vitamin D while strolling to the local thrift store.  The last time I was there I spotted this chair and had that huge inclination that I just HAD to have it.  It was originally marked for 20 bucks and since that day I didn't have any cash on hand and the store didn't take a debit card, I decided that it just wasn't something I needed after all.  Well today as I approached the store what did I see outside just waiting for me?  Yes that wonderful chair!   

When I walked up I saw that it still had the 20 dollar price tag.  Not that 20 dollars would break the bank or anything.  I just knew I could get it cheaper by just negotiating with the guy.  I, however, am not a good negotiator.  If someone is asking 30 bucks for something and I offer 15, I'd usually probably end up paying 40 after all the negotiating.  That's how bad I am.  Since I knew I could get this cheaper, I decided that now was the time to practice.  When the owner of the store asked if he could help me, I reponded by asking if he would take 10 dollars for that old blue chipped painted chair outside.  Trying to make it sound like it was really just a crappy old chair but secretly dying to take it home.  He didn't remember off hand which chair it was so he went outside to look and quickly said, "Sure!".  So I guess it wasn't really that good of practice since he probably would have taken even less for it.  I mean he didn't even remember having it.  I was just proud of myself for getting the courage to try negotiating.  Either way I was successful at getting this for half the asking price and I'm pretty happy.  I can't wait to put it in my dining room!