February 29, 2012

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February 28, 2012

Andy's Chicken Dinner

Last night Andy made me such a delicious dinner.  Being that he's a sous chef, many think I eat like a queen all of the time.  That is far from the truth.  He's at work Tuesday through Saturday until late which means I eat dinner alone and I eat whatever I manage to put together.  On the days he's off, the last thing I want to make him do is something he already does for 8 hours straight five days a week.  So I usually put something together for dinner when we can actually sit down together to eat.   
I am very far from the cooking level as a sous chef.  So when Andy does get a chance to make something, it's very special.  Last night he made his version of chicken scampi.  I just learned that scampi actually is the name of a small kind of lobster.  This dish, however, had no lobster.

I told Andy that if he cooked like this for me all of the time that I would end up as large as a whale.  I devoured this.  No correction, I inhaled this.  It was SO good!

February 27, 2012

Sunday Accomplishments

Yesterday was quite a productive day at the DeMasi house.  Excluding the fact that Andy was successful in helping to get his dad's car from being stuck at the end of his driveway, we both managed some minor tasks. 

Since we weren't able to get use of his dad's truck, we have yet to get our new bed.  I did however get a couple things done for our room.  I got our new bedding ordered.  I guess we're going with a sage, cream, and brown color.  It's got me thinking a chocolate brown or a sage would be nice for Andy's old dresser.  I also got a braided rug to lay in front of the bed. I was trying to decide on what to do on the wall above our bed, and finally decided on putting some pictures up.  I got a black and white picture of Andy and I from the day we met (which I still can't believe we didn't have a printed copy of before now) and a black and white picture of Noah.  I put these in matching frames and hung them up.  Small tasks but it's a start.

Again with my poor photography skills and this crooked picture taking result.  The pictures ARE level in person, I promise.

One of the biggest issues I have had since we purchased our used couch and loveseat was the awful pillows that came with them.  The, what you would call, decorative side was some weird looking black circle design.  I would flip them over to their tan side since the black circles depressed me.  The problem with the tan side was that it was very boring, bland, and to me made the room and furniture lifeless.  Well I FINALLY did something about it.  I found some cheap throw pillows at a local store.  I also found 3 chair cushion covers from the dollar store (I love random finds at those places) which I used with the padding from our previous pillows to make new pillows.  So now the loveseat and couch have new life brought back into them.  That simple change from the old dull pillows to the new brighter pillows really made the room feel much brighter.  Definitely not the most glamorous change, but with the primitive look glamour is not priority.

Our boring couch and loveseat before:


I bought this metal thing with hooks because it matched some things in my kitchen.  I thought it would be perfect to hang coffee mugs on.  The problem, however, was that one of the hooks wasn't wide enough to hang a mug on it.  Instead of wrestling with the idea of trying to increase the size, I made a new plan of attack.  With 3 black and white wallet sized family pictures, some index cards, decorative paper, and the tie backs from my curtains cut into skinny strands I made this.  Again, not the fanciest of all things, but a nice place to display some more photos.  It took me a little bit longer than I originally thought to make.  Mostly because the concept of me and measuring things out before doing them just doesn't exist when I'm eager to have something done.  All in all though I feel like it turned out pretty nice. 

The most important tasks yesterday was completed my my sweet hubby.  He put together this AWESOME piano toy seat thing for Noah.  Once Noah's bigger and can stand/walk, we can remove the seat and he can just play.  Noah LOVED it!  I'm sure that in the middle of stomping the piano keys with only his big toe and singing a song in his cute baby voice, he was thinking, "What a thoughtful daddy I have!"

And finally after our day of success and Noah's musical production, Andy, Noah and I went to Andy's parents to watch the Academy Awards.  Noah and I almost made it all the way through without sleeping, but failed in the last half hour or so.  Once we were home and Noah was sound asleep, Andy and I enjoyed some much appreciated snuggling on the couch watching some King of Queens on Nick at Nite. 
I'd definitely say that was the perfect ending to a very great and productive Sunday!

A Big Happy Birthday!

To my adorable little niece Caitlynn!


February 25, 2012

Home Tour: Pellet Stove Room

I wasn't sure how I was going to do a house tour but then finally decided to break it up.  So once a room gets as complete as can be, I will post it in its completeness.  Although I know I will constantly be changing things around a bit.  So here's the first room and for lack of a better name we call it the pellet stove room.  Also, please excuse that's it is very obvious that I am in no way a photographer.

 The room wouldn't be complete without Noah's walker as added decor!

 I had to close the doors leading to the man cave.  Not that it isn't a fantastic room, but it kind of doesn't help the decor in this room.
And this is one of my favorite spots to sit with Noah in the evenings and enjoy the pellet stove!

February 24, 2012

February 22, 2012

Random Things

I finally found a fruit I don't like, those yellow grape tomatoes. They pretty much made me gag.  I find this weird because I love tomatoes and all types of fruit.  But these things I will forever say no to!

I found a lady selling a queen sized headboard with matching dresser on craigslist.  After emailing her and getting pictures and the price she wanted for them, I decided it was not what I was looking for.  After no further response from me for less than a week, she lowered the price by 55 dollars. Maybe if I wait another week, she'll email me with yet another lower price.

I hate odd numbers.  I'm pretty adamant about having things in even numbers too.  That means we have to have at least one more kid.

We finally bought a new washer and dryer and they're finally installed.  No more washing clothes at the inlaws and better yet, no stinky laundromats where you spend 20 bucks on 2 loads!

I'm sick.  Which makes me want to curl up in bed and watch the food network and HGTV all day long

To cheer me up because of being sick, Andy sent me a cheerful picture of Noah.  Noah seems to have found his vocal chords and likes to yell at us every waking minute.  It's the most ADORABLE thing in the world!  He also enjoys how mommy blows raspberries on his belly because it sounds like a duck.

I bought a bunch of stuff at a local thrift store at lunch for only 12 bucks.  I got lots of goodies to decorate with, even a miny project which I will post about once it's done.  For some reason they only had gift bags to put my purchases in.

Finally, it's pretty sunny and significantly warmer today than it's been.  Some of the snow has even melted.  But for some reason, this makes me want to go out and build a snowman.

February 21, 2012

Belated Valentine's Gift

Yesterday Andy surprised me with a late Valentine's Day gift.  It was a pandora bracelet.  And if you are like me, far away from the latest fashions and trends, you may have never heard of these.  Basically they are a type of charm bracelet with many different charms that can be added. 

The one I got from Andy looks like this
I tried taking a picture of mine but since I still have a very basic digital camera, the pictures end up looking like a shiny blur.

He added 3charms to start the bracelet off. 
First is a letter N charm which is for the N in Noah's name
He also added a spacer that has Noah's birthstone in it
And finally, he added a ghost.  This of course represents how we met.

I definitely became a little emotional at the fact that he thought of doing this for me.  I can't wait to see what charms he and Noah decide to get to add!

February 19, 2012

Unpacking Progress

Yesterday we had our first little get together at our new house.  Since I knew Andy was going to be the official tour guide for everyone, I was eager to get the house presentable.  3 main tasks? Our room, Baby D's room, and the MAN CAVE!  Of course I wanted the main living area put together an organized as well.  They pretty much were and are with the exception of a few decorating ideas that still need to be implemented.  The 3 rooms, however, were previously designated as "DIASTER ZONES" packed with boxes, clothes, and anything else that would fit.  I've been very overwhelmed with the task of unpacking and the get together last night was HUGE motivation for me to get my butt in gear.  There still is a lot of work which needs to be done, but this was a huge start. 

Baby D's Room

I still have monkey decals to put up on the walls and curtains to hang.  I'm also thinking of an area rug to go in the center of the room.
VERY blank wall which I hate.  Again monkey decals and if that isn't enough there's always more monkey decorations and baby pictures to put up!   And no his crib isn't in here, it's in our room still.  Not going to lie but it might be in our room for a while still. Oh and that dresser in the corner...bought at a yard sale for 20 bucks and I repainted to match his bedding.  Also notice the play tunnel which has already been tested out by Andy and myself!
Baby D's closet...ok be jealous, I know I am.  I can only imagine what all would end up in my closet if I had one this big. 
I can forsee this as being a playroom one day!

Stocked full of toys and books

Yes that's a Bud Light box in his closet.  I was unpacking lots of boxes and we were getting rid of them.  When it came time to needing one for his room, this was the only one empty and available.

Master Bedroom

Here's our room when you first walk in with Noah's crib and our bed.  We are soon to get a new larger bed with new bedding.  Nothing matches with the bedding we have now so I'm pretty excited about the new stuff.

Our bay window in our room which makes me very happy!

This spring I'm planning on redoing this dresser and another one we're possibly getting.  New paint and hardware!  Just not sure what color yet.  I may just wait and see what we pick out for bedding.

So as you can see not very exciting.  My spring and summer are pretty much devoted to our room.  It's been the one room that's been neglected since we had our own place.
There's also a bathroom attached to the room.  I'm going to eventually do a house tour and will include it once I finish the house.

Man Cave

This room is still very unfinished but compared to what it was before, is a HUGE accomplishment on Andy's part.  This is when you first walk in.  His poker table and lounge area in the back.  These walls are screaming for some paint and will get some once everything else in the house is done.  Andy did inform me, however, that this is the man room so I'm assuming that means no input for decorating from me.  It's ok though because I have the rest of the house.

Andy's little mini bar.  His aunt got him that peewee doll as a wedding shower gift.  He was the ring bearer at her wedding and carried a peewee doll around throughout the entire wedding.  She she has multiple wedding pictures of him with his doll.

He's a big movie buff and has some movie posters that still need to be hung up.

Finally the lounge/sitting area.  This futon actually use to be our only couch in our first apartment.

So those were the big tasks for this weekend and I'm so happy these rooms are finally unpacked.  They are still not done but having them this far along with a 5 month old makes me very happy.  I think I'm going to take my time with finishing everything now. (With of course the exception of the man cave, that's Andy's job)

February 16, 2012

Ghost Hunters is losing a Grantacular Leader

We it seems it's as I feared. Grant Wilson is leaving Ghost Hunters! 
Last night on the show, big news finally revealed that Grant is leaving Ghost Hunters to focus on some personal things.  Between the constant traveling, staying up all night to investigate, and being away from the family has to put a lot of stress on a person.  I don't know his exact reasons, and frankly I don't want to or need to.  He deserves his privacy just as much as anyone else.  I know this was a very tough decision to make and that whatever his reason for leaving is a good one.  I will miss him greatly on the show and especially at any events I may attend in the future. However, I wish him the best of luck in whatever the future brings to him and his family.  I know the rest of us ghost hunting enthusiasts that have been impacted by Grant will try our best to follow his footsteps in maintaing a true and trusted approach to investigating the unknown. 
Also, Jason is staying and I know he will keep things going and keep proving that ghost hunting is not all stunts, faked evidence, and easy spooks!

I will always remember the first time I met Grant at the Mt. Washington Hotel and heard him say "What the fetch?" in person.  Such a nice guy and a great investigator!

And a pretty good sense of humor as well! Thanks for asking me to take a goofy face picture with you, it made my year!

You can say that Grant has had many great investigations and as they say at the end of a show, "On to the next!".  So on to the next chapter of your life and God Bless!

February 15, 2012

We Have a 5 Month Old Today!

I can't believe my little man is almost a half a year old.

"Oh Good Morning Mom!"

Time seems to be flying by.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I woke up at 5am to my water breaking.  All the while Andy woke up and stayed in a state of frozen shock realizing that we were becoming parents whether we were ready or not.  My sis said that once you start having a family time seems to pass right by you.  I think she's right.  She also said that it's about time to have another.  YIKES! I need to catch my breath after having Noah and maybe once he's at least a yr, or as Andy corrects 2 yrs, then we might start planning.  He's plenty for us right now and I'm sure he's not wanting to share any of the attention yet!

This is a picture from yesterday of Noah eating sweet taters.  I just thought it was cute and had to share.  Andy said I can't use it for his 5 month picture because he was technically 1 day away from it in this picture.