September 26, 2012

Our Recent Visitors

Happy Hump Day!

D family has recently entertained some very important and special guests for toddler D's Birthday.  I already mentioned my amazing friend Michelle, but we also had my parents (or as Noah knows them as mamaw and pap).  He was in such a great mood from seeing everyone, even considering he had an ear infection :(

I'm pretty sure my parents were equally excited to see their handsome man as well.  You wouldn't have even been able to tell that he's only seen them a total of 3-4 times.  He was truely spoiled with attention!

He loved playing with my dad!  I must mentioned that my dad was originally going to be called papaw.  As toddler D and papaw were playing puzzles, Noah didn't seem to like it when papaw put the puzzle together when he was trying so desperately hard to take it apart to bang the pieces together.  So everytime papaw put it together, Noah exclaimed, "Baba dada mama blahblahblah PAP!".  I think he was trying to tell him that he was doing it wrong...So cute! :)  So now my dad is just "pap" instead of "papaw".

I think I have seriously gained a ton of weight from all of the good food I ate while they were here.  Between my mom's southern cooking and eating out, I may have moved up a pant size lol.  Noah was of course our dinner time source of entertainment.  This is him making him "angry face" which is always followed by toddler D going, "haha haha haha". 

And everytime we have company, a trip to mine and AnDy's ultimate favorite spot, Mt. Washington Hotel and Resort,is in order.  We always have to share our story of how we met there while pointing out exact locations of where D family's story started.  I can't wait until the day we can tell Noah our story there when he will actually understand and remember :)

It was a slightly windy and cool fall day which made it perfect!

The views in the back of the hotel are absolutely AMAZING!!!

It was such a great, relaxing, and enjoyable time!  I wish I could have all of the people I love and care about up here with me all the time.  But since they can't, I will enjoy every ounce of time I can when I do see them.  In the meantime, we can enjoy our skyping sessions.

Now I must leave you with a crazy picture of me and some cute pictures of toddler D eating puzzle pieces!  I hope everyone has a great second half of the week!