February 10, 2012

Ghost Hunter's BIG News

Andy and I with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters at the Buffalo Central Terminal Investigation

Last night I finally watched Wednesday night's episode on my favorite Wednesday night show Ghost Hunters. It was mentioned of some BIG news that could change Ghost Hunters forever from one of the members of the team.  Ahhh of course this is going to drive me crazy for the next week until we FINALLY find out the news! 

So many are going to start speculating as to what it is.  Someone's leaving, the show is being cancelled, etc.

1.) Other members have left the show and it hasn't been made out as a big announcement for the show.  (With a small exception that Kris Williams mentioned she was leaving Ghost Hunters for Ghost Hunters International (GHI) during the Halloween live episode.  Which was perfectly fine with me as she seemed too concerned with herself and the little bit of fame she may have instead of the investigating itself.) 

2.) I believe the show is presently signed on for at least 1 more season.

3.) My guess is that if someone is leaving it has to have something to do with the core team, Grant, Jason, even Steve or Tango.

4.) Even further, my guess is that it has something to do with Grant and here's why.  On the TAPS website where they list events, Grant hasn't been mentioned as attending any in a long time.  This is very unlike him as he was very frequent at these events.

Overall I hope he's not leaving because he's such a great investigator with a fantastic personality.  Not to mention he's also my favorite!

In the meantime you can find me sitting in front of the computer biting my fingernails and stalking their facebook and twitter pages until the big news is revealed.

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