February 22, 2012

Random Things

I finally found a fruit I don't like, those yellow grape tomatoes. They pretty much made me gag.  I find this weird because I love tomatoes and all types of fruit.  But these things I will forever say no to!

I found a lady selling a queen sized headboard with matching dresser on craigslist.  After emailing her and getting pictures and the price she wanted for them, I decided it was not what I was looking for.  After no further response from me for less than a week, she lowered the price by 55 dollars. Maybe if I wait another week, she'll email me with yet another lower price.

I hate odd numbers.  I'm pretty adamant about having things in even numbers too.  That means we have to have at least one more kid.

We finally bought a new washer and dryer and they're finally installed.  No more washing clothes at the inlaws and better yet, no stinky laundromats where you spend 20 bucks on 2 loads!

I'm sick.  Which makes me want to curl up in bed and watch the food network and HGTV all day long

To cheer me up because of being sick, Andy sent me a cheerful picture of Noah.  Noah seems to have found his vocal chords and likes to yell at us every waking minute.  It's the most ADORABLE thing in the world!  He also enjoys how mommy blows raspberries on his belly because it sounds like a duck.

I bought a bunch of stuff at a local thrift store at lunch for only 12 bucks.  I got lots of goodies to decorate with, even a miny project which I will post about once it's done.  For some reason they only had gift bags to put my purchases in.

Finally, it's pretty sunny and significantly warmer today than it's been.  Some of the snow has even melted.  But for some reason, this makes me want to go out and build a snowman.

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