February 19, 2012

Unpacking Progress

Yesterday we had our first little get together at our new house.  Since I knew Andy was going to be the official tour guide for everyone, I was eager to get the house presentable.  3 main tasks? Our room, Baby D's room, and the MAN CAVE!  Of course I wanted the main living area put together an organized as well.  They pretty much were and are with the exception of a few decorating ideas that still need to be implemented.  The 3 rooms, however, were previously designated as "DIASTER ZONES" packed with boxes, clothes, and anything else that would fit.  I've been very overwhelmed with the task of unpacking and the get together last night was HUGE motivation for me to get my butt in gear.  There still is a lot of work which needs to be done, but this was a huge start. 

Baby D's Room

I still have monkey decals to put up on the walls and curtains to hang.  I'm also thinking of an area rug to go in the center of the room.
VERY blank wall which I hate.  Again monkey decals and if that isn't enough there's always more monkey decorations and baby pictures to put up!   And no his crib isn't in here, it's in our room still.  Not going to lie but it might be in our room for a while still. Oh and that dresser in the corner...bought at a yard sale for 20 bucks and I repainted to match his bedding.  Also notice the play tunnel which has already been tested out by Andy and myself!
Baby D's closet...ok be jealous, I know I am.  I can only imagine what all would end up in my closet if I had one this big. 
I can forsee this as being a playroom one day!

Stocked full of toys and books

Yes that's a Bud Light box in his closet.  I was unpacking lots of boxes and we were getting rid of them.  When it came time to needing one for his room, this was the only one empty and available.

Master Bedroom

Here's our room when you first walk in with Noah's crib and our bed.  We are soon to get a new larger bed with new bedding.  Nothing matches with the bedding we have now so I'm pretty excited about the new stuff.

Our bay window in our room which makes me very happy!

This spring I'm planning on redoing this dresser and another one we're possibly getting.  New paint and hardware!  Just not sure what color yet.  I may just wait and see what we pick out for bedding.

So as you can see not very exciting.  My spring and summer are pretty much devoted to our room.  It's been the one room that's been neglected since we had our own place.
There's also a bathroom attached to the room.  I'm going to eventually do a house tour and will include it once I finish the house.

Man Cave

This room is still very unfinished but compared to what it was before, is a HUGE accomplishment on Andy's part.  This is when you first walk in.  His poker table and lounge area in the back.  These walls are screaming for some paint and will get some once everything else in the house is done.  Andy did inform me, however, that this is the man room so I'm assuming that means no input for decorating from me.  It's ok though because I have the rest of the house.

Andy's little mini bar.  His aunt got him that peewee doll as a wedding shower gift.  He was the ring bearer at her wedding and carried a peewee doll around throughout the entire wedding.  She she has multiple wedding pictures of him with his doll.

He's a big movie buff and has some movie posters that still need to be hung up.

Finally the lounge/sitting area.  This futon actually use to be our only couch in our first apartment.

So those were the big tasks for this weekend and I'm so happy these rooms are finally unpacked.  They are still not done but having them this far along with a 5 month old makes me very happy.  I think I'm going to take my time with finishing everything now. (With of course the exception of the man cave, that's Andy's job)

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