March 3, 2012

Home Tour : Kichen

Here's the kitchen.  This was probably the first room completely unpacked and done but I've just been waiting to take pics until it was clean and not filled with dirty dishes.

This house as built in the late 1800s and was recently completely remodeled.  This is the original sink and I just LOVE it! 


  1. Love all your counter space.Plenty of cupboards too.Our kitchen is large but they had the old cupboards as pantries and the hall closet and basement was used for can goods.When we made the bathroom larger we lost the closet and the basement gets mildew so I always have things falling out at me.LoL..Have a great Sunday!~Amy

  2. Beautiful kitchen Shannon! I miss having that space above my cabinets to use for decorating. You have a big, nice, open airy kitchen and I love that! Love the neutral colors too!