March 17, 2012

In Need of Some Bay Window Advice!

First of all, Happy Saint Patty's Day to everyone from this Irish gal to you!

I'm currently in need of some advice and ideas.  I've always said I wanted a bay window and was so excited about having one in the bedroom and in the living room.  Now my problem is that I have absolutely no plan on how to decorate it/them.

This is the living room one and as you can see below, very boring!
Sorry for the poor lighting in these photos.  No matter what I did (flash, no flash, and automatic) they all came out pretty poor.

I've tried coming up with ideas by making a cover/case for the cushion that's there as well as just getting rid of the cushion all together.  I've also thought about getting big pillows but I'm just so unsure and indecisive.  I seem to currently be creatively dry :(

I haven't even begun to think about what to do in the bedroom yet, I first want the living room done.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)


  1. Well windows are not my plus side of decorating.I would make them into a nice sitting nook.Go on pinterest and browse I'm sure you'll find a million ideas you'll love.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. You could fill it with your favorite style of pillows and hang some matching curtains. Have fun :o)
    Best wishes,