March 26, 2012

Our First Home

I was going through files on my computer and came across pictures from our first apartment.  It hasn't been that long, about 3 years, since we lived there.  But looking at these pictures and thinking of everything that has happened since then, I got my first professional job, we got married, and then had a baby.

It definitely wasn't a big place and I wasn't able to put holes in the wall to hang stuff up.  So most of the things I did get up on the wall were on command hooks.  It had 2 bedrooms and neither one of them had windows because half of the apartment was underground.  One didn't even have a closet and ended up being used as a storage area.  We were also up a very steep winding hill.  And when you live in Danville, VT that means it will be near impossible to get up once the snow starts to fall.

But we LOVED this place!

Andy and I use to live in 2 completely different states miles and miles away from each other.  Most of our dates and time together were done by phone calls or skyping on the computer.  Once in a while we would be able to come visit each other.  Until we had to do the most dreaded goodbye until the next time we would see each other .  It was tough!

But eventually Andy got a temporary job in Ohio so he could come be with me while I finished school.  As soon as I was done, we started our plans for moving up to Vermont.  Right before we left Ohio is when Andy proposed to me.  We stayed with his sister until I found a job and we could get a place of our own.  And when we did, it felt like a HUGE accomplishment.  Many thought we would never last because of the distance, but we proved them wrong.  So this is the place I say we really started our life together.


  1. Shannon~ Your first place looks cozy.I'm sure you feel on top of the world with all you've accomplished since.And Noah what a wonderful blessing to complete your love.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. That's a very nice place for your first home together! I love that big kitchen. Most apartments have a very small kitchen and the rest of the rooms are small too. But I see that you were decorating prim back then too. =]

    My husband and I were a state away when we were dating but only about 250 miles so I know where you are coming from. But that was 17 years ago so we didn't have skype and cell phones, lol. We spent lots of hours on the home phone. The days were long and the weekends that we were together went by super fast. Even though that was a long time ago, I will never forget it! It's fun to look back and see where you've come from.

    Have a terrific week, my friend~