April 4, 2012

Today is My Friday and I've Been Slacking!

I'm so happy to say that today is my Friday and nothing exudes excitement better than Andy's face on Christmas morning!
Tomorrow D family is packing up and heading to Ohio to spend Easter with my family.  This little break is much needed after the whirlwind it's been these last few weeks.  Plus we haven't been there since last July when my belly was consuming my body.  I just started packing last night.  Who knew a 6 month old needed so much stuff? 
I can't wait for Noah to meet more of his family and see his mamaw and papaw and aunt Becki again!

 He's definitely grown since they last saw him!

I'm also excited to go because we will finally be able to do some ghost hunting since Noah's been born. 
My parent's house has had many unexplainable things happen and we've investigated it on muliple occasions.  I've mentioned quarters flying off counters and flashlights going on and off on command by themselves before and that's all happened there.  Sadly, we have only caught this stuff on voice recorders and not on video yet.  I'm hearing things have started picking up again so hopefully we have success! 

I have to admit that I've also been slacking on house tour pictures and just completely putting the house together in general.  Besides our bedroom, one of the rooms I've been slacking on the most has been the dining room.  Since we moved during winter and the heat doesn't flow well through to the dining room, it's kind of been last on our list (next to the spare room).  So we just shut the door to keep from having to heat that room and from letting the cool air from that room into the rest of the house.  So needless to say, I've just started putting it together since we've had hints of warmer weather.  So here are a couple sneak peak pictures of it so far.

There's my newest thrift prized pocession!

I think I'm coming to the conclusion of making this an Americana themed room.  Still so much to do but I can't wait.
There is still much to do in other rooms as well.  But with traveling in the next week and my recent laziness, this room along with the others may still be waiting a bit to be completed.


  1. Have fun on the trip.I'm sure your family will be amazed how big Noah is.You'll have plenty of time to sneak away for a little hunting,so don't forget to pack the digital camera and extra batteries..smile..The house is coming along nicely being lazy and enjoying some nothing time once in awhile is a good thing.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Hi Shannon, hope you enjoy your family get together,it`s a wonderful time to celebrate. Easter Blessings to you and yours Francine.