June 13, 2012

Happy Hump Day and Swap!

Happy Hump Day everyone!  I first want to thank you all for being supportive of the minor changes that have started and that I hope will continue.  Not only is the change needed but I really am starting to think I'm a person who thrives on change.

Recently I participated in another swap, Bee Happy Swap, hosted by Amy of Bumble Bee Lane.  Once again I had a great time and received some fantastic goodies!  My swap partner was Kim from BlackBerry Crows Prims and these are the goodies she sent to me.  A lovely flower dish towel, a primmed up spoon with some gingham fabric, a cute little star ( I love stars).  She also sent that perfect doll in the flower dress with the nest and egg.  Lastly, she sent that prim perfect bee hive door hanger with a bumble bee and crow!  I LOVE it all, thanks so much! 

I hope everyone enjoys their hump day and has a good rest of the week! : )


  1. Love the beeskeep! Happy Hump Day to you too!~Amy

  2. What fun swap items. The little doll is sweet. Have fun finding places for them all:) You can change up your house a little. That should make you happy. Ha ha. -Steph-

  3. Hi Shannon, what great goodies you got,love the bee skep to. Fun swaps,Blessings Francine.