February 28, 2012

Andy's Chicken Dinner

Last night Andy made me such a delicious dinner.  Being that he's a sous chef, many think I eat like a queen all of the time.  That is far from the truth.  He's at work Tuesday through Saturday until late which means I eat dinner alone and I eat whatever I manage to put together.  On the days he's off, the last thing I want to make him do is something he already does for 8 hours straight five days a week.  So I usually put something together for dinner when we can actually sit down together to eat.   
I am very far from the cooking level as a sous chef.  So when Andy does get a chance to make something, it's very special.  Last night he made his version of chicken scampi.  I just learned that scampi actually is the name of a small kind of lobster.  This dish, however, had no lobster.

I told Andy that if he cooked like this for me all of the time that I would end up as large as a whale.  I devoured this.  No correction, I inhaled this.  It was SO good!


  1. Hi Shannon! Just found your blog through my followers list.I'm a little rushed tonight but look forward to getting to know you and reading through your back post.Your dinner looks yummy.The part time ghost hunter got me.LoL. Will definately have to read about that.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Hi Shannon! I also found you the same way Amy did, hehe. I like to keep up with my followers list.

    Baby Noah is adorable! Andy's dinner looks delicious! How fortunate for you to be married to a chef.

    Looking forward to following your blog and getting to know you better. =] Have a delightful week~

  3. Hi ladies, so nice to meet you so to speak!