January 24, 2012

An Epidemic Has Taken Over the In Laws BUT...

This past Saturday the annual routine of Andy's family getting a stomach bug, which spreads like dominos through his family members, started with his youngest brother.  As expected it spread to 2 more members Sunday, then 2 or more members after Monday and I believe there's only 1 left in the household yet to be infected.  Andy talked to his dad and learned that his dad doesn't know if he's getting sick too or if he's sick from the horrid smell of vomit and the nasty d word (aka number 3ariah) which have taken over their house!  Since this is Noah's current daycare facility and my husband is a fanatic germaphobe who hand sanatizes even after washing his hands with soap and warm water, we are not bringing Noah to nana and papa's this week (at least not unil Friday if the evil germs are gone).  Which means, Andy is working a half day today (so only half a pay for today) until I get off work. Who knows what's going on tomorrow. Thursday I'm sneaking and working from home since my boss will be out of town, and hopefully Friday will be disinfected enough for Noah's return.

BUT...on a few positive notes:

1.) The Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl to face the Giants once again and will hopefully get their revenge!  This makes daddy and Noah vey happy (although they only look mildy happy in this photo)

2.) Our house is currently stomach bug free! :)

3.) We officially move this coming weekend and I get a 5 day weekend for the purpose of moving

4.) Noah and mommy had a great and lazy Saturday morning watching reruns of Extreme Makeover Home Edition (which ALWAYS leaves me in tears)

He was interested for a whole 5 minutes or so until...

Sleep consumed him.  But I still got lots of cute baby cudde time!

5.) Finally, last night we came to the realization that Noah is truely happiest when stripped naked, laying on his playmat looking at his reflection while talking and laughing at himself!  I love this little boy!

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