January 20, 2012

The Working MaMa!

I have to say that one of the biggest challenges I've faced since becoming a mommy is the dreaded day I had to go back to work.  Going from spending every waking moment with your little one to leaving them for an extended number of hours at a time is very tough.  Hopefully one day it will be in our plans to allow me to be home, if not for good, at least be home more.  That is, once all of our unecessary debt is paid off.  I have found some ways to help cope with leaving, although it will always be difficult.

1. Since I'm breastfeeding, I've been given a private place to allow me to pump when needed everyday.  This gives me time to relax and while there I usually give my sweet hubby (who stays home with baby D every Monday and until 1 Tues through Fri) a phone call.  This for one gives me a chance to talk to Andy, who I also miss dearly, but also lets me hear Noah make his cute little coos which are his great attempt at talking to mama! 

2. When I'm back at my desk, I have a little family shrine of photos.  Whenever I get to missing them I just look over at my photos of some great memories I have with them.

My computer's desktop background is our family but what you don't see is the hundreds of pictures that flash by on my sceen saver.  It's a big incentive to let me stop working for a few minutes so I can see them!

I didn't forget my dear old ma and pa and my sweet little doggy, Derby, back in Ohio.  They are also there to keep me company.

3.  Since I work fairly close to home and I get an hour lunch, I always make a much enjoyed trip back home for lunch with my boys!  I get to nurse Noah which gives me much needed quality time. I also enjoy a bite with Andy.  And even though leaving Noah for a second time during the day is also tough, it definitely helps break up the day and gives me something else to look forward to along with leaving work for the day at 5 to pick up my little pumpkin!

These have helped me cope but let's face it, not everyone is able make a trip home for lunch or is able to make random personal calls during work.  But anytime you do have a break, reconnecting to that sweet little bundle you love oh so much will help.  If you don't have a desk to personalize, maybe there's something else.  Or if not, then maybe having something which reminds you of your baby love, such as a photo or keepsake, will give you something to smile at during the day until you are back at your favorite place, home, and with your favorite people, family!


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