February 2, 2012

5 Day Moving Party?...Yeah Not Really

The past 5 days have been a little hectic and when I say hectic I mean CRAZY! When I made my big move up here in 2009 I figured we would stay with Andy's sister for a while until we had our own place and then once we found our own place that we would stay for a few years.  That DEFINITELY did not happen.  We stayed at his sister's, then moved to the apartment on the hill as we called it because it was up a GIGANTIC curvy hill which was horrible during the winter.  We then moved to a house which we thought was huge compared to our apartment.  Once Noah arrived, the 3BR 2Bath house seemed about as big as a voltswagen bug.  We stayed there about a year and a half and then we moved again.  This time it's right across from where Andy works which means cheaper gas usage a month.  Plus it's in Danville which is where the rest of his entire immediate family lives.  Anywho...we FINALLY got everthing to the new house.  Meanwhile, the house is piled with boxes and what not.  It's going to be a task to get everything organized.

Our kitchen has been taken over but that's not the worst.
What will be Andy's "man cave" is consumed and I'm still trying to figure out how we will be able to walk in there to get things out.

The rest of the house is loaded too but these two rooms are the worst.  We have been sleeping on the couches for the past few nights since our bed and baby D's crib have not been put together yet.  Lots of work left to do!  I will definitely have to show our progress of organization once our house becomes recongnizable so more to come regarding "new house"

The move was so tiring that baby D did this throughout the entire move.  Well maybe not the entire time but he did very well and seems to be adjusting quite well.
He found company with his Elephant named Ellie in between eating and sleeping.

On a side note, in between all of the moving, my sister sent me some flashback photos of us from my Sophomore year.

My sis, niece Caitlynn and I before one of my sophomore dances.  She lives in PA and I miss her a lot but I get to see her and the rest of my family for Easter! yay!

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