February 6, 2012

Angry Baby

Last night I tried getting some cute pictures of Noah but it was unsatisfactory at best.  I started thinking of reasons why he was so grumpy and uncooperative.

1.) Maybe he made this sour face because the patriots lost to the Giants AGAIN

2.) Maybe he was tired and sick of the flash of mommy's camera...Or crying because the Patriots lost.

3.) Maybe he was hungry and the only thing he had to eat were his fists.  This would cause him to try and shove both fists in his mouth which lead to a massive amount of drool all over his patriots shirt.  Maybe this maximized his anger about the Patriot's losing.

4.) This could also be the face of pure anger which lead to the intense angry fist biting because mommy didn't wear Patriot's attire which of course lead to the Patriot's losing. (Notice my somewhat amused face)

(Biting his fist because of teething would have been too simple)

5.) Or lastly it could've been a combination of reasons.  Such as his cousin constantly grabing his shirt and kicking him which was completely annoying him.  Add the fact that his shirt was soaked because of his drool from eating his fist because he was mad at mommy for not wearing anything Patriots and wouldn't get him food.  But she was insistant on continually annoying him with flashes from the camera and he was just tired of it all.  The cherry to top it all off was the fact that THE PATRIOT'S LOST TO THE GIANTS AGAIN!

Overall Andy seemed pretty cheerful throughout the photos.  But don't let that fool you, he too was very disappointed over the loss as well!

 Maybe next yeat Pats!

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