February 27, 2012

Sunday Accomplishments

Yesterday was quite a productive day at the DeMasi house.  Excluding the fact that Andy was successful in helping to get his dad's car from being stuck at the end of his driveway, we both managed some minor tasks. 

Since we weren't able to get use of his dad's truck, we have yet to get our new bed.  I did however get a couple things done for our room.  I got our new bedding ordered.  I guess we're going with a sage, cream, and brown color.  It's got me thinking a chocolate brown or a sage would be nice for Andy's old dresser.  I also got a braided rug to lay in front of the bed. I was trying to decide on what to do on the wall above our bed, and finally decided on putting some pictures up.  I got a black and white picture of Andy and I from the day we met (which I still can't believe we didn't have a printed copy of before now) and a black and white picture of Noah.  I put these in matching frames and hung them up.  Small tasks but it's a start.

Again with my poor photography skills and this crooked picture taking result.  The pictures ARE level in person, I promise.

One of the biggest issues I have had since we purchased our used couch and loveseat was the awful pillows that came with them.  The, what you would call, decorative side was some weird looking black circle design.  I would flip them over to their tan side since the black circles depressed me.  The problem with the tan side was that it was very boring, bland, and to me made the room and furniture lifeless.  Well I FINALLY did something about it.  I found some cheap throw pillows at a local store.  I also found 3 chair cushion covers from the dollar store (I love random finds at those places) which I used with the padding from our previous pillows to make new pillows.  So now the loveseat and couch have new life brought back into them.  That simple change from the old dull pillows to the new brighter pillows really made the room feel much brighter.  Definitely not the most glamorous change, but with the primitive look glamour is not priority.

Our boring couch and loveseat before:


I bought this metal thing with hooks because it matched some things in my kitchen.  I thought it would be perfect to hang coffee mugs on.  The problem, however, was that one of the hooks wasn't wide enough to hang a mug on it.  Instead of wrestling with the idea of trying to increase the size, I made a new plan of attack.  With 3 black and white wallet sized family pictures, some index cards, decorative paper, and the tie backs from my curtains cut into skinny strands I made this.  Again, not the fanciest of all things, but a nice place to display some more photos.  It took me a little bit longer than I originally thought to make.  Mostly because the concept of me and measuring things out before doing them just doesn't exist when I'm eager to have something done.  All in all though I feel like it turned out pretty nice. 

The most important tasks yesterday was completed my my sweet hubby.  He put together this AWESOME piano toy seat thing for Noah.  Once Noah's bigger and can stand/walk, we can remove the seat and he can just play.  Noah LOVED it!  I'm sure that in the middle of stomping the piano keys with only his big toe and singing a song in his cute baby voice, he was thinking, "What a thoughtful daddy I have!"

And finally after our day of success and Noah's musical production, Andy, Noah and I went to Andy's parents to watch the Academy Awards.  Noah and I almost made it all the way through without sleeping, but failed in the last half hour or so.  Once we were home and Noah was sound asleep, Andy and I enjoyed some much appreciated snuggling on the couch watching some King of Queens on Nick at Nite. 
I'd definitely say that was the perfect ending to a very great and productive Sunday!


  1. Oh wow, I was going to go with those exact same colors for my bedroom!! Took me a year to figure it out and finally decided on. Then I saw a picture of browns, creams, and reds that was beautiful so now I'm torn again.

    I love the new look to your couch! Definitely added life to it. I also love finding great pieces at dollar stores that you can use in a makeover, it's so fun. Love your new pillows. Is your wall behind the couch a dark sage green?? It looks like the same color in my family room!

    Very cute way to use a mug holder! Noah is adorable and I'm sure he will get many days of use out of that awesome toy! =]

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I was torn with what I was going to do with our room too. All I knew is that I wanted something peaceful and comfortable.
      The wall color is a sage type of color however not sure of the exact name of it. It was painted before we moved in and I just love it!

  2. Noah looks happy with his sunday project..smile..The bedding looks nice.I'm getting ready to order new bedding to but hubby likes the feel of quilts so I'm thinking a floral patchwork.The couch project turned out well.Warm Blessings!~Amy

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your new bedding, it sounds like something I would love. And Noah seems to love his toy even more everyday. :)