March 9, 2012

My Questionable Experience

Photo completely unrelated but added for the sake of having a picture.  Here Noah is questioning my sanity as I'm singing and dancing for him in the hopes of making him smile.  You can see how productive I was with that!

I almost titled this post, "The Ghost That Intrigued Me", which I finally decided against as that would make it sound to cheesy and "unreal".  This is in no way and will never be a paranormal or a ghost hunting blog.  More of a blog about me, my life, and the things I like and care about.  This happens to include the paranormal and ghost hunting.

This particular experience of mine is the one that initiated my love for all things paranormal, spooky, and unknown.  I was between ages 8 and 10.  At some close friends house a tragic event happened to their brother.  I'm not going to go into too much detail for the sake of the family's privacy.  Not that no one knows about it because that's not true.  I'm just sure they wouldn't want someone like me talking about it in detail on a blog. 
Anyhow, after this thing happened my friends told me of some strange things happening at their house shortly after.  Tires which were being bought during the time of this particular event all of a sudden went flat, lights flickered, noises were being heard, etc.  My friends always said it was their brother watching over the family.  At my age I didn't think too much about those kinds of things.  I guess it was too much for my little brain to handle and I defnitely didn't believe in ghosts in any way shape or form.  One night I was spending the night when everything that I had believed full heartedly started to in a way disintegrate.  I wasn't so sure of some things. 
My friends and I had a little slumber party in the living room.  I have to mention that their mom was also there and slept on the couch.  She slept there every night particularly because of the incident with her son.  Again not too many details.  Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up while everyone was asleep.  I usually did this when staying somewhere other than home.  I sat up and immediately looked around to see if anyone else was awake but they weren't.  The girls were past out next to me and their mom was still on the couch.  I was about to lay back down to go back to sleep when something caught my eye.  I saw a shadowy figure of a fairly tall male form.  This is especially weird since the room was dark to begin with but this seemed completely void of light.  I just starred and assumed it was my friends' dad and went right back to sleep.  Since I found it weird that their dad was starring at everyone in the middle of the night and didn't say anything to me while I sat up and starred at him, I mentioned it to the girls. 

Me: "I woke up last night and your dad was standing in the doorway just looking at everyone and didn't say anything to me."

Friends: "You saw our dad in the middle of the night?"

Me: "Yes"

Friends: "But he's never home at night because he works midnights."

This naturally was confusing to me but I at first didn't think much about it.  Until I heard them and their mom say not to worry, it was just their brother watching over us.
From then on I have always wondered what actually happened.  Could I have been dreaming? Maybe.  Was I hallucinating? I guess so but I don't think so.  Could someone have broken into the house while we were sleeping?  Goodness I hope not but I guess that's also a possibility.  Was it a ghost of their brother?  I now can't even rule that out!
Since then, especially since I started ghost hunting I've had very questionable things happen to me.  Voices that weren't heard by anyone while we investigated but suddenly appeared when played back on a voice recorder, flashlights turning on and off on their own, and even quarters that enjoyed jumping off the kitchen counter.  All events along with my very first experience make me question and search for that possibility of someone who was once a living human being coming back to watch over their loved ones.  I wish I could go back to relive that experience.  I would say something or even get up and walk towards it.  That's impossible to do.  So for now all I have are my many nightly adventures to search for some truth.

And before anyone questions, yes I am a christian and believe in God.  It's just one of those things I try to understand.  But maybe it's not meant to be understood.


  1. Shannon~ I'm Christian too but have had to many "unexplained" things happen to not believe in the unknown as well.When you have that type of experiance it changes you...Baby Noah just adorable as usual. Have a great weekend!~Amy

  2. Welcome to Blog Land!
    First of all I am a Christian and I believe in God above all things, but I also know that things happen that have no explanation. Your post was really interesting, now that I'm an adult that subject has interested me but when I was little I was terrified by things heard or lived at my grandparents, mostly inexplicable sounds or images at that age I did not know if they were shadows created by the mine hallucinations or fear. I understand what you say and do believe that spirits can exist. In my town it was said that persons were often unprepared to die and were wandering. True or not true but I remember the fear that felt ...
    Your son is adorable.

  3. So lovely to find your blog through another friend in blogland so happy I did, I'm now following you so we can keep in touch. Hope you have a great weekend my friend.

    Always Wendy