March 13, 2012

Nice Weather for a Nice Walk

Yesterday the weather got significantly warmer than it's been.  In fact all this week it's suppose to be warmer.  Even most of the snow is gone, at least until we get a March snow storm after this little hint of spring lol.  That's ok because I will enjoy the warmer weather when it comes.  Since yesterday was nice and we now have an extra hour of light, we took advantage of Andy's day off and went on a walk after I got home from work.  It was so nice to be able to walk outside and get some fresh air without wearing a winter coat and worrying about slipping on ice.  Noah also enjoyed his ride in the stroller.  I can see many of these walks in the future!

                              He tries to act like he hates it when mommy takes pictures of him.

                                     But sooner or later he gives in and cheeses for the camera!

 Andy and I on the other hand were trying to get a nice picture together.  We took probably 5 pictures and either Andy and I would complain about how we looked in it.  After the 5th picture and because we didn't want to waste anymore precious daylight we finally said, "This is the last one and we're keeping it no matter what!
I have no idea what happened to this picture to make our head and faces so distorted.  It's kinda creepy but I think I kinda like it!  I guess that's a lesson we learned from being so vain.  New rule, one picture and we keep it no matter what!

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  1. We always hate our own pics.LoL..Milder temps here too.Been going for long walks to the park.Warm Blessings!~Amy