July 10, 2012

I Finally Did It!

Sorry for the awkward myspace/facebook self portrait pose.  It's the only way to get a self picture without asking co workers to take one for me.  I finally decided to get the first time mommy hair cut.  This is the shortest I have ever had my hair in my entire life.  It feels so much better!  Noah will still be able to grab it.  However, he shouldn't be able to have it wrapped around his fingers, hands, toes, and feet anymore.  You wouldn't believe where I have found strands of my hair.  It literally is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Hopefully Andy will like it!


  1. The bangs look very good with your face.I've always had really long hair too.About a week ago I cut it to about the same length as yours I feel like a weight was lifted and it looks better.Yours looks wonderful your a pretty girl anyway.I'm sure Andy will love it...smile...

  2. Looks great, Shannon.
    I'm sure he will love it.

  3. Hi Shannon, love the look, love the bangs, I`ve had bangs forever.Blessings Francine.

  4. Beautiful haircut!!! How brave of you. -Steph-