July 5, 2012

Noah's 1st 4th

Hello all! First I want to say that I hope everyone had a great 4th.  Starting Thursday and through Friday, Noah looked like he belonged on the exorcist.  His poor belly :(.  Andy got the bug on Monday and it hit me yesterday.  However, even though D family has been fighting through a case of the yucky tummies, we had a pretty great 4th. 

We went to a parade early in the day.  Surprisingly Noah didn't mind the loud band drums, fire trucks, or the huge cannon that was shot in front of us.  I must admit, it startled me pretty good but as soon as it was shot, Noah quickly turned his head towards it and gave a big grin.  I think this is a hint that he's going to enjoy those really loud toys.  Especially since his new favorite thing to do is to hit everything in order to make a sound; the louder the better!

He also spent some time with his cousin.  I swear they will be like brother and sister, especially since they are only 3 1/2 months apart.

This was right before he yanked these off.

Later on we went to Andy's aunt's camp on the lake and relaxed while a HUGE storm came through.  I LOVE watching storms.

I think the best part of the last 5 days was the amount of time I got to spend with my family.  It may have been a week full of yucky tummies and messes, but any amount of time with my family is appreciated!


  1. I love babies in hats. Your's is no exception. What a cutie. Glad you are all feeling better and had a good celebration. Have a happy evening. -Steph-

  2. Sorry you all had the tummy bug,but looks like you had a pleasant time.Love the photo of the daddy's with the cousins on there shoulders.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Hi Shannon, so glad to hear the D family are feeling better, nasty tummy troubles. Love the pictures, such sweet kiddies,Noah looks so cute in his U.S.A. cap. Blessings Francine.