August 9, 2012

D Family Photo Shoot - Celebrating Noah's 1st Year

Recently D family had a photo shoot done.  We had some family pictures taken but this was mostly a shoot for Noah.  I guess you can say it was his 1yr photo shoot but because we wanted pictures taken for his birthday invitations and needed them to be done soon, it's more like his 10 1/2 month photo shoot.  He did such a good job!  He's like his daddy and is a big Ham when it comes to cameras.  I decided to post some of my favorites from the shoot.

I LOVE this one of my boys! :)

The next 2 give baby D's 1st birthday party theme away.  We chose little monsters.  This was just a little monsters outfit we chose to have pictures taken in for his birthday invitation.  I had a personalized outfit made for his actual party.  I will have a picture of him in that taken at his party for his thank you cards.

These next pictures are some of my absolute favorites!


  1. isn't it amazing how much love one little baby can make someone feel? He's adoarable. My favorite is the second to last. So sweet and innocent. I would say it was a successful photo shoot. -Steph-