September 3, 2012

These Past 3 1/2 Weeks...Recap

Woah it's been a while since I made a post!

What has D family been up to these past almost 4 weeks?  Well......a lot of CRAZINESS...let me explain....

When I decided it was time for AnDy and I to start a family and for me to be a mom, I had this idea of being a mom as being something like this...
Reading a nice book to my kid and relaxing having everything be nice calm and normal.
Turns out that lately everything has been completely chaotic with me looking more like this...

or this...

Crazy thing seems to happen (to me anyways) after having a baby.  My hormones get all crazy and I turn into a nutball!  Neurotic, hypochondriac, nervious wreck, and the world's biggest worry wart.  I have been feeling the complete opposite of sane lately and like I've been hanging on to sanity by a string of thread.  Luckily, I've been in the process of getting my hormones in balance and hopefully my sanity along with it (Well at least the little bit of sanity I may have previously had :)). 

Besides my craziness, little things have been going on.

I decided to move all of my Americana decor over to my kitchen from my dining room.  The dining room ends up being the coldest room in the house once winter happens, and in the summer we are outside more when we are home.  I wanted to be able to enjoy all of my Americana stuff more.  Maybe I will eventually change things again, but for now it suits. 

Here's one before picture:

You can see more before pics here.

Here are some after pics:

I still have work to do in there, like change the tops of the cabinets and some other small changes.  But so far I'm liking the change. 

This summer D family has also been watching our favorite summer show, Big Brother.  Here is a peek at 2 of my favorite players.

Dan Gheeslinga...AND...

Ian Terry.  I must mention that I love his shirt!  He's a chemical engineering student and with that being my degree, this shirt, and the fact he wore it on tv, just makes me chuckle.

We've also been getting rid of some junk with a yard sale.  It feels so good to get rid of the unnecessary clutter!  AnDy and I have given each other an early anniversary gift...2 tickets to a Halloween party hosted at the Spalding Inn by some of our favorite tv personalities, Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters.  We cannot be anymore excited than we are about this.  We haven't seen then in a couple years and with Grant leaving the show and not doing anymore events, this is a chance to see him outside of those.  CAN'T WAIT!!!
I've been working on Noah's first birthday party.  We just got his birthday gift in the mail, a jumpoline which will be turned into a ball pit.  I am SUPER excited to put this up; I know he's going to LOVE it!  Oh...speaking of Mr. Noah himself.  He's been busy getting bigger and getting excited for his birthday party.  He still has yet to crawl.  I think he may skip crawling and will jump straight to walking.  Although he's a bit of a ways away from walking too.  He just likes to do things at his own pace I guess.  He has, however developed a love for Sesame Street and the characters Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster.  He even got a new tub that has his favorite characters on it.

He's also developing quite the personality.  He's definitely not as shy as mommy was when she was younger.  And here's Mr. Attitude himself......

So there's my up to date history of the past 3 1/2 weeks. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of their Labor Day and week!


  1. Hi Shannon, so nice to hear from you. Your kitchen looks warm and inviting, love it,great job. Oh that Noah is so so cute, he sure likes the camera, takes wonderful pictures. Enjoy Big Brother,Blessings Francine.

  2. The Halloween party sounds fun..Hmmm stressed? Well I think with working at a job your not happy with and never finding the time you want for family things you'd tend to be stressed, normal not crazy LoL..Dining room looks great.Love the window treatments.Baby D adorable as usual.Love his attitude Blessings!~Amy