January 18, 2012

Did She Mention Ghost Hunting?!?

Why yes I did mentioned briefly my love of ghost hunting in my about me.  Actually, I'm not the only one who enjoys this kind of a "unique" hobby, Andy does as well.  That's not even the strangest part of our spooky story.  Andy and I actually met each other while ghost hunting with SyFy's Ghost Hunters at the gorgeous but haunted Mt. Washington Hotel in NH. 
It's an absolutely GORGEOUS hotel with the most spectacular views however it is a bit pricy. 
Here's a picture of the day Andy and I met in the lobby.

So now you are probably wondering "How on earth did you decide you like/want to ghost hunt and how did you find a husband while doing it?".

When I was younger I had an unexplained event happen (which I might explain some other time) and have since then wondered what else was out there that can't be explained.  Because of this strong interest in the "unknown", I've always enjoyed creepy paranormal shows and movies.  One day I stumbled upon a show called "Ghost Hunters" and watched an episode, then was hooked!  People always asked me, "do you think they fake stuff" or "don't they think EVERYTHING is caused by a ghost?" but my answer to both is ALWAYS no.  They have a unique approach of trying to debunk, or disprove, a hauting.  In fact they will themselves say that they debunk at least 85% of what they investigate.  So unlike some of those other shows which give ghost hunting/ghost hunters a bad rep, these guys are legit!  If you haven't seen the show, you should totally check it out!

The ghost hunters, also known as TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), started hosting ghost hunting events at places they investigated in their show.  SWEET a chance to actually get involved and try experiencing some of these things with the guys from the show!  The first event I went to with them was the Mt. Washington event where I met Andy, who lived in Vermont (hence how I'm no longer a flat lander).  Once signing up for the event I was wanting to connect with others going which lead me to a forum posted on one of the leaders of TAPS myspace page.  That's where my very first interaction with Andy came as well as meeting some cool new friends.  A group of us communicated almost daily about the event and eventually met at the hotel and basically the rest is history.  Ok so it's a little bit more than "just history" but it would take forever and a day to explain in detail.  But in general, that's a short story of how I got into ghost hunting and met my husband while doing it.  After the first investigation at the Mt. Washington, Andy and I later went back there for another event with TAPS. We've investigated the Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo NY at an event hosted by those guys.  But mostly we do our own personal investigations.  Some are places for fun which we've heard of being haunted and we want to prove/disprove it for ourselves, and some for friends and/or family who question paranormal in their own home.  No matter what, it can lead to some pretty awesome spookie nights!

If you ever find yourself with a desire to explore the unknown, have some extra cash, and want to get experience with the experienced and the beginners like yourselves, check out TAPS website which lists their current events!

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